What our Students Say about their training

  • Unlike training taken elsewhere, the training wasn’t boring.  It was hands-on and practical.  My employer has never provided better training!
  • Best confined space course I’ve ever had!
  • The course was tailored to the needs of our company.  I appreciated that time was spent in areas that are applicable to our work.
  • Instructor challenged the class and emphasized the practical application of  course materials.
  • This was a great learning experience and I will look forward to attending another course soon.
  • The single best thing about the class was how the practical (scenarios) tied in everything learned during the lectures.
  • The class lecture/discussion periods were interactive, interesting, thought provoking and conducted by knowledgeable instructors.
  • Great course!  People always think a refresher is a joke and not necessary, but you realize when you are in a course and are asked about and have to perform the basics and you can’t, your instructors are right there with clear and easy to understand information and instructions.  Keep up the good work. See you again next year.
  • What was the single thing you think was best about this course?  My instructor; the best I’ve had.
  • I’ve been attending these classes for a long time and both my instructors were professional and well prepared for any questions or problems presented.
  • The things I liked best about the course were the practical demonstrations and student exercises.

Are your students getting this level of training?