This two-day, 16-hour course is designed to meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 (6)(v) training requirements for individuals with management control responsibilities during hazardous materials incident response.  The course is oriented toward developing an understanding of the concepts of effective incident management and the application of an incident command system to hazardous materials emergencies.  A course prerequisite is either “Fire Responder Operations” or Hazardous Materials Technician.”

 Successful completion of this course provides the student with the knowledge and skills to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  •  Knowledge of, and ability to implement their employers Emergency Response Plan and incident Command Systems.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to implement the local Emergency Response Plan and knowledge of State and Federal response plans and resources. 
  • An understanding of defensive and offensive hazardous materials control operations, including the use of personal protective equipment and decontamination. 
  • The ability to develop an incident action plan for the management of the resources required to mitigate a hazardous materials incident.

 Course grading is based on participation in simulated exercises and completion of a multiple-choice examination.  Students satisfactorily completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and a letter documenting completion of the training.