The Hazardous Waste Site Worker Course is a five-day, 40-hour program that meets the training requirements specified by OSHA in the HAZWOPER standard under 29 CFR 1910.120 (3)(e)(i).  The course curriculum is designed to provide an understanding of the potential health and safety hazards encountered on site; knowledge and skills necessary to minimize risk to worker health and safety; training in the use and limitations of personal protective equipment; and worker awareness to avoid and escape from emergency situations. 

            The course is comprised of ten learning blocks that address the training needs of individuals routinely on site (e.g. engineers, scientists, health and safety specialists, field technicians, equipment operators) and are engaged in investigations, sampling, remediation, removal, or other activities which expose or potentially expose them to hazardous substances and/or health and safety hazards.  Upon completion of this program, the hazardous waste site worker will have objectively and subjectively demonstrated competency in the following subject matter areas:

  • Recognition and assessment of safety, health and other hazards present on site; 
  • Proper use of atmospheric monitoring instruments; 
  • Identification, selection, and use of chemical protective clothing and respiratory protection equipment; 
  • Work practices to minimize employee risks form hazards; 
  • Safe use of engineering controls and equipment on site; 
  • Medical surveillance components and techniques in the recognition of symptoms and signs that might indicate overexposure to hazards; 
  • Planning for safe site operations and site emergencies; 
  • Confined space operations awareness; 
  • Decontamination procedures for personnel and equipment; and 
  • Employee rights and responsibilities. 


Students are evaluated throughout the program by comprehensive learning checks, practical exercise participation, and in class activities.  At the conclusion of the course, each student is required to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by passing a multiple-choice examination and applying his or her developed skills to scenarios.

Students satisfactorily completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and a letter indicating completion with OSHA training certification requirements for their personnel files. 

(NOTE:  This program meets initial training requirements for off-site instruction of employees at uncharacterized hazardous waste sites, but they are also required to receive a minimum of a 3-day (24-hour) actual field experience under the direct supervision of a trained, experienced supervisor which this program does not provide.)

There are no prerequisites for the 40-hour Hazardous Waste site Worker; however, it is highly recommended that students complete their pre-employment and/or pre-assignment physical prior to class attendance.